A permanent antimicrobial coating for maximum hygiene.

Sterico are now an approved applicator of Liquid Guard®; a revolutionary nanotechnology and award-winning surface treatment providing permanent anti-microbial protection against viruses, bacteria, algae and mould. This is an award winning German innovation now available in
New Zealand.


Safeguard your community

Liquid Guard® takes a unique approach using a silicon dioxide base with positively charged nitrogen atoms to attract negatively charged atoms of the microbe.

Microbes are drawn to the surface where the nanotechnology performs a physical kill by use of “swords” on the coated surface each measuring 150 nano meter's in size. They puncture the cell wall on contact and render the microbes dead.


MPI C22 New Zealand Food Safe Approved
HSNO New Zealand approval
100% rated Excellent by Dermatologists
Authority New Zealand approval
ISO Standards - 11998
ISO Standard - 11507A

Certified to Protect

To-date, testing has not discovered any microbe that Liquid Guard® does not defeat. Liquid Guard® has been proven to give a physical, non-mutating 99.99% kill. Independently tested and verified for performance against common viruses, bacteria, fungal infections, algae and yeasts. Liquid Guard® is certified to eliminate many different organisms including:

• TGEV Coronavirus
• Influenza A
• E Coli
• Clostridium

• Listeria
• Strep Mutans
• Tuberculosis
• Candida Albicans

• Salmonella
• Haemophilus
• Pseudomonas
• Aspergillus

Surfaces to Shield

Liquid Guard® is designed to be applied to a wide variety of surfaces, from door handles to hospitals. Talk to us about applications in large commercial settings. It is recommended that the surface is re-coated annually.

• Low touch areas = 4 years of protection

• High touch areas = 1 year of protection


Liquid Guard® is free of halogens, heavy metals and nano-silver. It is tested and approved safe to use following the application requirements for consumers and professionals.

"We are strongly committed to nano coating product safety. Rather than an obligation to meet standards, we consider this an objective to exceed standards and do so wherever possible in the interests of achieving the highest safety standards possible." - Liquid Guard®


The nanotechnology of Liquid Guard® has been developed to minimise energy consumption, emissions and effects on the health of people and ecosystems.

Current methods of surface cleaning and sanitation could require as many as three disinfecting cycles per day, as could be the case for gyms, day care centers, rest homes and hospitals. Liquid Guard® requires application every 1-4 years, reducing resource consumption.

With the overall aim of reducing the need for harsh chemicals and frequency of maintenance, NanoCare has undergone a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). This is the internationally recognised standard by which the overall environmental impact of our nanotechnology activities is benchmarked and assessed.

Information produced from these assessments is made available to customers as a confirmation of Liquid Guards® commitment to sustainability.