A biohazard remediation division of ATL Group and established in 2016, Sterico has since developed as a specialist decontamination and antimicrobial treatment provider. With trained crews in New Zealand's main centres, and the equipment and capability to deploy with urgency, you can rely on us to respond promptly and professionally when it matters.

Whether you are looking for emergency reactive response or development of a preventative maintenance cleaning and surface treatment programme, we can help.

Sterico is proud to be part of the IPL (Industrial Pacific Limited) GROUP OF COMPANIES alongside:

ATL Group


...is to reduce absenteeism in the workplace as well as significantly lesson the $1.26B* burden on the economy through the reduction of transmission of viruses, bacteria and other nasties as well as the impact of moulds through the application of effective decontamination services and antimicrobial coating treatments.

Business NZ and Southern Cross

We're passionate about creating healthy, safe and
clean spaces that improve well-being.